Kat and the Kings, Vaudeville Theatre, London W1 (0171-836 9987) 8pm

This brazen, ebullient show hasn't so much transferred as leapt into the West End. Four guys and a girl retell the life of rock'n'roll crooner Salie Daniels. You haven't heard of him? That's because he's South African, had a career in the Fifties and fell foul of life as a coloured singer under apartheid. Salie's life story singing with close harmony group The Rockets is turned into Kat and his group the Kings, who can croon with the best of them and dance a whole lot better than most. It is fair to say that this won't win prizes for subtlety, dramatic finesse or even insight into the horrors of apartheid, but at least it is a compilation show with a point of view. The South African company are almost indecently excited and their sheer pleasure floods the auditorium. Only the deeply jaded wouldn't want to join in such good-humoured, high-energy entertainment. This gang has enough energy to power the National Grid.