Choice: Music/Theatre: The Gogmagogs Gigagain

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The Gogmagogs Gigagain, Nottingham Playhouse (0115-941 9419)

Is it music? Is it theatre? Yes, it's the Gogmagogs. In the words of every arts centre programmer, contemporary classical music has "an image problem". The ill-informed believe the answer is to make concerts hip and happening then the hair-preparation generation will flock. Hmmm. What's certain is that people are already flocking to the wondrous Gogmagogs, who long abandoned music stands and made a stand for a dazzlingly theatrical approach to music. Seven expert string players get up to more gleefully dramatic nonsense than you ever imagined possible. Jane Gardner's The Wildlife trilogy features illuminated bows imitating tropical fish, extraordinary "monsters" with instruments as heads and a ghostly "Night Choir", and there's typical mysticism from the radiant pen of John Tavener. Prepare to be amazed