The Fairy Queen, The Coliseum (0171-632 8300) 7.30pm

Whatever you expect David Pountney's ENO production of Purcell's late 17th-century court masque to be, I can guarantee this won't begin to match it. Mind you, even theatre historians argue over just what these elaborate, ornate and thoroughly over-the-top entertainments amounted to, even though we know Inigo Jones was often found messing around with stage spectacle and generally spending large budgets on trifles. What we get in Quinny Sack's revival of Pountney's staging is big larks in what is best described as a beautifully sung romp based around A Midsummer Night's Dream - or rather the argument between Oberon and Titania about the Indian boy. The likes of Yvonne Kenny, Janis Kelly and Christopher Robson act as well as they sing (extremely well) playing delicious comedy and trying not to be upstaged by the excellent Thomas Randle, who leaps around looking uncannily like Michael Jackson (but with a slightly lower voice).