The Young Poisoner's Handbook Benjamin Ross's horribly funny black comedy traces toxicologist Graham Young (Hugh O'Conor, right) from his first dalliance with a test-tube to his imprisonment for murder - and rehabilitation at the hands of Dr Zeigler (Antony Sher).

Apollo 13 This weekend sees nationwide previews of Ron Howard's bland but compulsive film about the near-disastrous US space mission. Tom Hanks, Bill Paxton and Kevin Bacon are the astronauts suspended in physical and emotional limbo.

Dolores Claiborne You can see by that demonic glint in Kathy Bates's eyes that she's never happier than when she's soaring over the top. Likewise, Jennifer Jason Leigh has a ball trying to keep up as her daughter, sniffing around in Ma's history and turning up some dastardly business. A superior and shamelessly loopy Stephen King thriller.