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Say "novel adaptation" and most people reach for their hardbacks: vast volumes of period costume, repressed passion and poke bonnets. The publicity stills alone suggest that there may be a slight shortage of costume and while there are no bonnets, I suspect that poke may be on the agenda if Dale Peck's original novel is anything to go by. Not that anyone in this country would recognise the title of the book. Originally published in the USA in 1993 under this title, Chatto published it here as Fucking Martin. When none other than The Independent magazine's illustrious weasel spotted the confusion, a publishing storm blew up. No such problems here, but, intriguingly, the novel has already been staged under the British title by the late Gay Sweatshop. Sean O'Neil stars in his own adaptation, first seen in Chicago in 1993, which wowed packed houses at the 1996 Edinburgh Festival.