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Don't Laugh, It's My Life, BAC, London SW11 (0171-223 2223) 8pm

John Wright, Hayley Carmichael and Paul Hunter... names to strike terror into the hearts of the unimaginative. This clownish crew, better known as Told By An Idiot, have a track record other companies would chew their legs off for. One critic even described their absurdly poignant previous show, You Haven't Embraced Me Yet, as "a dazzling blend of improvisation allied to an inventive theatricality, held together with magnetic precision playing". Actually, that was me. Their new show has been on tour and now arrives in London at BAC (their regular home) with all the usual suspects, including designer David Roger, more famous for his work in opera houses and his amazing dancing vegetables for Twyla Tharp. Inspired by Moliere's Tartuffe, it arrives billed as "a crazy comedy, shot through with dark moments and disturbing images". Sounds like another case of comedy with a theatrical brain.

David Benedict