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David Copperfield, The Crucible, Sheffield (0114-276 9922) 7.30pm
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David Copperfield, The Crucible, Sheffield (0114-276 9922) 7.30pm

No, not the supermodel-dating illusionist, the other one... the novel created nearly 150 years ago by Charles Dickens. You know, the daft blighter who upped and died before he could secure the film and mini-series rights to his bestsellers and thus lost out on a fortune. People have been adapting Dickens for stage and screen for years, with mixed results. A Christmas Carol became the ghastly Scrooge, which wobbled into London about a year ago, but David Lean's Great Expectations is a classic and David Edgar's RSC adaptation of Nicholas Nickleby (played over two nights) was a triumph for all concerned. Matthew Francis's superb adaptation of David Copperfield, recently seen at Greenwich Theatre, has received similarly glowing reviews. Dickens said "Of all my books, I like this the best." Judging by the glowing reviews for Francis's splendidly told story, audiences will probably feel the same about this stage version.

David Benedict