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You can win awards for your skill at playing every emotion in the book but I've almost never seen a non-smoking actor act convincingly with a cigarette. Mimed pregnancy is much the same. Women do a lot of puffing and stagger about with cushions stuffed up their dresses and one hand supporting their lower back but it rarely convinces. Saira Todd (above) won't be having these problems. She is genuinely pregnant, which will come in handy in Maureen Chadwick's new play, in which she plays a pregnant woman who is taken hostage by her cleaning lady. The role of the "lady who does" who doubles as a knicker-flashing, knife-wielding, kidnapping message-carrier for the King of Rock and Roll will probably be a pushover for Barbara Ewing. Despite a distinguished theatre track record, she achieved most fame playing Agnes Fairchild in TV's lunatic Northern spoof Brass.