Shopping and F***ing, Grand Theatre Swansea (01792 475715) 7.30pm

What is it about Swansea? Why do those in authority believe their voters to be more sensitive than good people dwelling elsewhere. I mention this because the town is going through another of its periodic "Theatrical Filth" scandals. They wanted to ban Gay Sweatshop who toured the first British Aids play there back in 1986 (and the cleaners threatened strike action for fear of contracting Aids from cleaning the showers). There was further upset when a University production of Coward's Private Lives restored the original shock value of extra-marital relations by adopting a little gender-switching. Shopping and F***ing, which has played tasteful West End venues, Edinburgh, around the country and abroad with virtually no complaints, has raised hackles. As usual, the would-be censors are confusing the presentation of material about drugs and sexual violence with an active endorsement of illegal activity. There are threatened demonstrations. Show your solidarity and see the play instead.