The London Cuckolds, National Theatre, London SE1 (0171-452 3000)

Or Carry on Romping. Playwright and director Terry "Dead Funny" Johnson has tweaked Edward Ravenscroft's text and turned a largely forgotten Restoration comedy into a tremendous night out. This is no tastefully allusive comedy of fans and manners, more a combustible marriage of slapstick and sex, with women running rings around a trio of absurdly proprietorial husbands desperate to prove to each other that they are in control of their wives. The cast is headed by a splendidly knowing Caroline Quentin, memorably described by Paul Taylor as the brunette Mae West - but the farcical goings-on are delivered with gusto by the entire company, whose enjoyment is completely infectious. The deliciously intricate plotting grows funnier and funnier, while the climax and coda are fascinating and surprising. You'd have to be spectacularly sour of spirit not to have a damn good time.