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Saturday Night, Bridewell Theatre, London EC4 (0171-936 3456) 7.30pm

People cross the Atlantic to attend Stephen Sondheim world premieres but this time you needn't travel anything like that distance. The Bridewell have their hands on something paradoxically old and new. This is the first ever staging of the beguilingly youthful musical which would have been Sondheim's debut had the producer not upped and died before rehearsals began. Fans will recognise most of the best material, some of which made its way into the compilation show Marry Me A Little or has been recorded by the likes of Dawn Upshaw, but there are surprises like the wittily sardonic "Exhibit A". The suitably young cast are perky and the musical staging by ace song and dance man Tim Flavin is winning. It is no lost masterpiece but you cannot fail to deny its toothsome, tuneful charm.