Choice: Theatre: ShockHeaded Peter

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,Tramway, Glasgow (0141-287 5511) 8pm

Cancel all other engagements for this gorgeously gory glory of a show. Director/designer team Phelim McDermott and Julian Crouch have whipped up an exquisitely gruesome piece based on the famously ghoulish Struwelpeter stories. The suspense is thrilling, as is Julian Bleach as a marvellously malevolent MC - a lascivious cross between Robert Helpmann's Childcatcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Vincent Price. The toy theatre set is a box of unearthly delights and the actors attach jump leads to the audience's imagination, bringing marionettes to life or going up in imaginary flames. Accordionist and falsetto Martyn Jacques and cult band The Tiger Lillies croon a clutch of shiveringly eerie songs that make adults squeal and squirm with horrified glee. Did I mention that this is a children's show? It most certainly is. Not that this should keep adults away. Hilarious, ghoulish and sensational - in every respect. Closes Saturday.