Christmas Bridge quiz

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These two hands form the basis for the Batsford Christmas Bridge Competition.

You have reached Six Hearts after an auction that is best forgotten. North leads the king of spades. How do you plan to make 12 tricks? And, in order for you to do so, what does North's exact hand have to be?

Entries, including your name and address, should be sent NOT to The Independent but to: BT Batsford Ltd, 583 Fulham Road, London SW6 5BY, or faxed to 0171-471-1101, e-mailed to: to arrive by 31 December 1997. The first three correct entries drawn randomly on that date will win bridge book vouchers worth pounds 250, pounds 150 and pounds 100 respectively.

If you prove to be one of the lucky winners, here are some recent Batsford titles that I would recommend:

Secrets of Expert Card Play by Tony Forrester and David Bird. As we have come to expect from these authors (either in tandem or individually) this is packed with fresh ideas.

Should you prefer lighter bedside reading, a reprint of the late Victor Mollo's Masters and Monsters should satisfy the need well. All one's old friends, The Hideous Hog, The Rueful Rabbit, et al, are at work, but do not take the (sometimes hidden) tips lightly. And there are many more in the Batsford catalogue.