SOME seasonal illuminations: this year's Christmas Details presents 16 points of light, shining out in surrounding darkness. The details come from paintings, mostly well known, by 16 different artists. All the details are shown unaltered and the right way up.

Please tell us the names of the painters and the paintings, numbering your answers 1-16 (dates and locations are not required). With the picture titles, any variant or approximation will do. The sender of the first fully correct answer to be picked out - or failing that, the most nearly correct - wins a case of champagne. A bottle goes to each of the three runners-up. Your answers should be sent to: XMAS DETAILS, Independent on Sunday, 1 Canada Square, London E14 5DL, to arrive no later than 12 January 1999. The solutions and results will be published on 24 January. Details returns in its usual form next week.