The 1994 Chrismas Details, set on 18 December, had no special theme. You were simply asked to identify16 squares from 16 pictures by 16 different European artists. Most contestants got all 16 right. Some of the pictures have alternative titles, a nd thiswas (as usual) taken into account in the adjudication; dates and locations were (as usual) not part of the competition. The details most frequently got wrong were the Stubbs and the Wright of Derby. The Degas, which was intended to be a puzzler, seemed to give very little difficulty.

the answers The first fully correct answer to be pulled from the hat was sent by.Mrs M Campbell, of Edinburgh, who wins a case of champagne. The three runners-up were Mrs Judith Humphries, of London N7; Steven, Lobb of London SE7; and Carolyn Parker-Williams, of Lo n don W8. They get a bottle each.

1. Francisco Goya: Prison Interior (1808-14; Barnard Castle, Durham.)

2. George Stubbs: Green Monkey (1798; Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool.)

3. Georges de la Tour: St Thomas (c. 1630; Louvre.)

4. Edouard Manet: The Ham (c. 1877-80; Burrell Collection, Glasgow.)

5. J.-A.-D. Ingres: Oedipus and the Sphynx (1808/27; Louvre.)

6. Jan Vermeer: View of Delft (1660; Mauritshuis, The Hague.)

7. Edgar Degas: Henri Rouart in front of his Factory (1875; Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh.)

8. Diego Velazquez: The Waterseller of Seville (c. 1620; Apsley House, London.)

9. Giovanni Bellini: San Zaccaria Altarpiece (1505; San Zaccaria, Venice.)

10. Vittore Carpaccio: The Baptism of the Selenites (1507; San Giorgio degli Schiavoni, Venice.)

11. Walter Sickert: H.M. King Edward VIII (1936; Private Collection.)

12. Joseph Wright of Derby: Two Boys Fighting over a Bladder (c. 1770; Private Collection.)

13. Jean Simeon Chardin: Basket of Wood Strawberries (1761; Private Collection.)

14. Hans Holbein the Younger: Henri VIII (1537; Thyssen Collection.)

15. Leonardo da Vinci: St John the Baptist (1509; Louvre.)

16. Piero della Francesca: The Vision of Constantine (1452-66; San Francesco, Arezzo.)