Shoppers look for Christmas gifts on the high street in Glasgow, Scotland. / Jeff J Mitchell | Getty Images

London Live spoke to Arona Khan, an international gift wrapping expert, on the best way to package your festive treats

Even if you've managed to purchase all of your Christmas gifts by now, the festive ordeal is by no means over.

There is nothing worse than finding the perfect present for someone yet failing to package it in a way that makes it look inviting rather than a complete and utter mess.

For those of us not willing nor financial stable enough to enlist the help of some expert gift wrappers (or the work experience guy at Waterstones), London Live spoke to Arona Khan, the ultimate gift wrapping expert. Khan travels the world as a gift-wrapping consultant and knows the best ways to tackle those unwieldy presents this festive season.

Watch the video above to find out the best way to present a bottle of wine or champagne this Christmas with Khan's Art Deco take on wrapping.