Slipper socks

are the cross-bred offspring of leg-warmers (remember Fame) and slippers. They come with round rubber circles strategically placed on the sole to make them non-slip. Zoe Ball loves them and converts swear a revolution in comfort as they snuggle up in big woolly jumpers, and designer tracksuit bottoms. We say they should slip off because...

Suction pads are for Spiderman. They're unlikely to save you from a freak accident like sliding off the sofa - not even TV's Casualty could make that plot work.

Socks get dirty and have a one-day, one-wear user policy. will be subject to the same wear and tear - but hey, marketers respond, you can always buy a pair of these (over-priced) socks for every day. Very clever, says the cynical consumer.

They are just another example of uninspired Xmas present choice for Granny - and let's face it, Michelin-grip socks are hardly worth racing to write a thank-you card for.

Try turning up the heat.