The number of West End and local cinemas showing Reservoir Dogs diminishes by the week (though the invaluable Prince Charles currently seems committed to showing it on an almost weekly basis) so if by some trick of fate you still haven't managed to catch Quentin Tarantino's (right) twisted, stylish, hyper-conscious celebration of the pulp caper flick, then do so soon. I recommend this course because the picture's video release remains in limbo, thanks in part to the British Board of Film Classification pandering to tabloid sensibilities and to the likes of David Alton and his infamous amendment to the Criminal Justice Bill. It's quite possible that once Dogs is gone from the circuit, it will be truly gone, bar the occasional late-night screening. On the same grounds, I urge you to hunt down Abel Ferrara's bloody Bad Lieutenant (it contains Harvey Keitel's most crazed performance to date) and Vadim Jean's slick horror story, Beyond Bedlam. Also, what the hell, The Exorcist, which has been hanging around for years waiting for BBFC chief James Ferman to fall in line with the rest of the planet and allow its (re)issue on video.

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