When Harry Met Sally for only pounds 3 with The Independent on Saturday
Next Saturday 23 March sees the launch of one of the most exciting offers ever presented by a national newspaper. The video of When Harry Met Sally will be yours for only pounds 3 when you buy the

paper on

Saturday. Each week you will be able to pick up a new video from your newsagent and build a classic film



Next Saturday, and every Saturday, you can walk into your local newsagent and walk out with a film classic with your copy of The Independent. Begin your

collection next week, on Saturday 23 March, with Rob Reiner's romantic comedy classic, When Harry Met Sally for only pounds 3 (excluding the price of the paper). Each week there will be a new title which will build into an impressive video collection.

The films on offer will vary from

recent classics to all time greats from the

Golden Age of Hollywood. The collection will build into an impressive library showcasing the work of directors of the calibre of David Lean,

Orson Welles, Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg. Each film will be presented in the paper with a comprehensive background

feature giving profiles of the stars and

director and notes on the film. We will

announce some of the films to be featured next Thursday on the film pages of The


No longer will you have jostle in the queue at your local video rental shop for your

Saturday night movie. For the same price as

renting, you can buy a video and keep it


l To make absolutely sure that you do not miss out, ask your newsagent about home

delivery and have the film delivered with your paper. Or you can order each week's film in advance by filling in the coupon below. To guarantee your copy of When Harry Met Sally, please return the completed coupon to your newsagent before Friday 22nd March. Don't be disappointed, order now.