Vision on
Apple's recent launch of the iMac finally introduces the concept of style to computers. Interestingly, it has chosen to launch its latest assault on the domestic computer market (and, hopefully, reverse its fortunes) with a see-through design. This capitalises upon the fascination we have with objects that are transparent. Being able to see the inside instils a sense of wonder. Apple is by no means the first to realise this - all sorts of manufacturers understand the attraction of transparent. Seeing (through) is believing. Martin Skegg and Michael Oliviera-Salac

Weldtite System CCS Chain Degreaser Machine (1) No more hassle removing chains - just clip on System CCS and run the chain through with cleaning fluid. pounds 14.95, available from major cycle shops.

Coilox PL-960 Combination Lock (2) The metal cable extends to fit around bikes and luggage. pounds 11.99. Available from Presents for Men, mail order 01295 750100.

Proto UK Transluscent 009 (3) Designer table lamp from Portugal, made with ultra-modern Polypropylene. pounds 49.49, plus P&P. For stockists and mail order, call Proto UK on 0171-357 7211.

Yomega Strobeyo (4) Depending on how fast the yo-yo spins, the LEDs light up. Big on the Japanese club scene. pounds 29.99. Available from November. For stockists, call Bandai UK on 01489 790 944.

Apple iMac Computer (5) Breaking the mould in the design of home computers as well as packing a punch with the powerful G3 processor. pounds 999. For stockists, contact Apple on 0870 6006010.

Freeplay See-Through Wind-up Radio (6) Watch the wind-up generator in action. No batteries required. pounds 59.95. Enquiries, 0800 731 3052.

Clear Torch & Personal Alarm Keyring (7)

Be warned, the 120-decibel alarm is really, really loud. pounds 10.50. Available from Obsessions shops and mail order on 0171-253 0083.

Michell Gyrodec Turntable (8) Enthusiast's belt-driven turntable. pounds 1,106 (with arm). Available from the Listening Rooms on 0171-244 7750.

Sony Voice Balloon (9) Stores up to 99 messages. pounds 59.99. For information and stockists contact Sony customer services on 0990 111999.