Metalheadz, at The Leisure Lounge, London EC1 (0171-242 1345) Saturdays 10pm-4am pounds 12 mems/pounds 8 before 11pm. Squarepusher, at Subterania, Acklam Rd, London W10 (0181-960 4590) Wednesdays 8pm-2am pounds 6.50.

After simmering in Britain's urban melting pot for a decade, drum'n'bass hit the big time. Every Tom, Dick and Harriet club promoter put jungle on the bill, taking the sound out of urban blues/ warehouses and into legitimate clubs.

Like house music before it, drum'n'bass has become fragmented: intelligent, dub, progressive, ambient and eclectic are a few of the genre's current prefixes. With the best DJs limiting appearances to purpose-built, all- night raves, only a handful of mainstream clubs can boast a "credible" jungle night. Which is the best of the bunch? Easy.

Metalheadz stands head and shoulders above the competition. Fronted by drum'n'bass guru Goldie, they've been serving an uncompromising diet of hectic beatz for no-nonsense bass-heads.

The venue is perfect for this particular type of music. The Leisure Lounge can't match the aesthetics of clubs like The End and Cafe du Paris. The venue is large, dark and in the main unattractive, but it does possess a cavernous quality which matches the gig perfectly. There's no dress code - the beatz rule. If drum'n'bass is your bag, then this night is the bomb.

If you can't wait until the weekend, those of you with excess levels of energy should beat a path to west London this Wednesday. Squarepusher offers relentless hardcore rhythms until the wee small hours of Thursday morning. DJs tour drum'n'bass to break-beatz and back again. Afro-centric urban rhythms for street people - no glam posers here.

Subterania is a club that seems to have been around for ages but still showcases a varied range of innovative nights. This venue is too far away from the West End to pick up many passing party people. All reports on this night seem positive... well worth a visit.

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