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Double Bubble Burp-a-cola at The Velvet Underground, 143 Charing Cross Rd, London WC2 (0171-439 4655) Friday 10.30pm-4am, pounds 8 members/pounds 10 non-members. Details 0976 772368 (Jules)/0385 725369 (Nick) for address to send mix tapes

Smartypants, Club 9, 9 Young St, Kensington W8 (0171-937 9403) Friday 10pm-3am, pounds 5

Some might say that London has enough nightclubs to satisfy the most ardent reveller; they'd be wrong. Established clubs are often slow to innovate, choosing instead to stick with bankable formulae. New clubs create an undercurrent of new ideas, DJs and music. More importantly, they keep the overall scene sharp and fresh.

Playing contemporary house, Double Bubble Burp-a-Cola boldly leaps into the sea of London clubs hoping to give the scene a shot in the arm.

The promoters promise that this monthly event will adhere to a strict policy of no big-name DJs - a pledge easier made than kept. Instead, unknown "bedroom DJs" will be given the opportunity to showcase their talents at London's small but perfectly formed Velvet Underground.

All those hours spent twiddling behind closed doors could win you the chance to grace a pair of Technics that Jon Pleased Wimmin and Carl Cox have used. Send your tapes in and it could be you.

Smartypants is a new monthly night bringing good vibrations to Kensington. Aiming to provide "sensible" people with an alternative night to overrated and overpriced West End clubs, it is beginning to carve out an impressive reputation.

Free of the pretence that plagues so many of their big-city rivals, this gig is fuelled by pure energy. Smartypants has a reputation for musical diversity, a friendly vibe and value for money. Vixen plays phat R'n'B, soul and garage tunes in the bar, while DJ Gaffer plays a seamless mix of deep house with a funky attitude.


Manchester's first full-on VJ/DJ jam promises aesthetic innovation on a grand scale. escape. gravity features Roni Size, DJ Krust, DJ Die & Dynamite MC and DJ Inki. VJs include Exceeda (Tribal Gathering), C-21 Ultrascope (Orbital) and Hexstatic (Ninja Turtles).

escape. gravity at the Hacienda, 11-13 Whitworth St West, Manchester M1 (0161- 236 5051) Wednesdays 10pm-3am, pounds 6 in advance/pounds 8 on the door