`Board's Big Cheese Party', at South nightclub, 4a South King Street, Manchester (0161-831 7756). Tue 10pm-2am, pounds 1.50 before 11pm/pounds 3 after

Calling all B-boys and fly-girls. The baggy jeans posse know that mainstream promoters will not showcase hip-hop... too raw, too in yer face, too aggressive.

Despite the phenomenal influence rap has had on modern music and youth culture, the most innovative music to come out of the inner cities has been kept underground in the UK for 10 years.

Board flips the script completely and embraces the whole package: skateboarding, graffiti, live MCs and break-dancing.

Promoter Paul Cons explains that the general idea was to provide an alternative clubbing experience. "There aren't many places that will play this kind of music in Manchester," he reveals. "For whatever reasons, the police don't want to deal with the crowds that follow rap so they aren't really wanted in the big clubs. At South, we're a little out of the way. The night has had great reviews and we've had no problems."

Forget projectors flashing hallucinogenic images. Board offers live entertainment of a different kind. Around midnight, a space is cleared and an exhibition of skateboarding takes place. (Hotshots with a board, hoping to "busta few" moves should be warned that these guys produce some rad moves.)

This Tuesday sees the Big Cheese Party. The Skate magazine takes over Board for a night of street culture with DJs Hooch and Tha Dump from London's Funk 'n' Pussy.

Resident DJ Chubby grooves and DJ Reko also feature in addition to live chat, courtesy of MC Z-9.

Feel like you're drowning in a sea of monotonous house music? Lace up your kicks and treat yourself to a large dose of street-style innovation.


World Dance are back, blending the best of old-skool rave with the finest modern technology. East London is the venue for their latest extravaganza. 12 hours of non-stop music in five themed arenas. Grooverider, Hype and Fabio helm the drum 'n' bass while Tall Paul, Brandon Block and Graham Gold headline the house arena.

World Dance. The Royal Victoria Docks (0171-613 4768) Sat 1 Mar, 7pm- 7am, pounds 19 members/pounds 23 others