Pushca's Couture Party at the Ministry of Sound, 103 Gaunt St, London SE1 (0171-378 6528) tonight, midnight-9am. pounds 16

Insomnia at the Chunnel Club, 101 Tinworth St, off Albert Embankment, London SE1 (0171-820 1702) 12 Sep, 10pm-6am. pounds 7 before 10pm/pounds 10 after

South London looks set to have a great autumn. With the recent closing of Manchester's Hacienda, The Ministry of Sound is probably the UK's premier "superclub". Pushca, the custodians of clubbing chic, return to launch a new series of Couture Parties.

This will be the first Pushca gig since Ibiza, so it's going to have a great reunion feel to it. Darren Darling and Paul Gardner keep the air filled with uplifting house and garage sounds. If you go out every weekend in London, but haven't been to a Pushca gig, you're simply not trying hard enough.

The Space Bar will be transformed into a luxurious VIP lounge encompassing Pushca's love for campy disco-trash. I know what you're thinking - "It's hard enough to get into the gig itself, let alone the VIP lounge." Pushca is prohibitively "exclusive", but their maxim is applicable to ordinary clubbers and wannabe celebs alike; if you make a statement in the kit department, you'll get in (and be given free entry into the VIP lounge).

So why bother? Because their gigs are unrivalled for style and clubbing debauchery - the perfect night to throw on your glad rags and let yourself go.

For those of you who wish to keep your trainers and jeans on while clubbing, beat a path down to Vauxhall's Chunnel Club where Still Buzzin' promotions present the fortnightly Insomnia. Stumbling on this venue can have its own rewards. It holds in excess of 700 people, but retains an intimate atmosphere.

This Friday's gig serves up the best in hard house with a touch of progressive techno while a second room blasts out garage rhythms. "An exceptional night that's relaxed and friendly," is how promoter Cliffy describes Insomnia.

If your all-in-one PVC romper suit is still at the dry cleaners, fear not; there's no dress code so the clientele are chilled and down to party. The age range is from 21 to 30, so you don't feel that you've stumbled into the local "hope'n'grope" parish disco.

Bruce "Lee" Clark keeps the garage beatz coming thick and fast while Brad Clark (Club UK, House of Windsor and Trinity) serves up the harder stuff in the next room. Well worth a Saturday- morning hangover.