Pushca's Poolside Party, Ministry of Sound, 103 Gaunt St, SE1 (0171-378 6528) tonight midnight-9am. pounds 12 members, pounds 17 non-members. Sub-Terrain, at The End, 16a West Central St, WC1 (0171-419 9199) ton't 11pm-7am pounds 10, pounds 12 non-members

Summertime, and the weather is, well, too depressing, so thank goodness for Pushca. The gurus of clubbing chic have taken matters into their own hands and given Mother Nature a helpful shove in the right direction. Poolside, at MoS tonight, offers waterproof glamour for those desperate to exhibit their sunbed hues.

At last, a corner of the monstrous Elephant and Castle venue will be transformed into an oasis to rival Bel Air, Delano and Barbados. Sunloungers, palm trees and beach boys and girls will transform the Ministry into a veritable ray of sunshine.

Pushca parties attract the most innovative and outrageous exhibitionists this side of Rio, so break out those glam swimming costumes as only the most alluring poolside garbs will make the grade tonight. Darren Darling, Fat Tony, Miss Barbie and Pearl & Dean take care of business on the decks.

Buy a ticket in advance - you know these gigs are always over subscribed - and bring a long coat to avoid incarceration on the way ("honestly, officer, I'm on my way to a pool party").

Tonight's Sub-Terrain gig, at The End, signals the first London date on their How The West Was Won tour of Europe, the Earth and beyond. Darren Emerson, Mr C, Layo and Matthew "Bushwaka" B bring their brand of techno beats to venues as far afield as Belfast, Barcelona and San Francisco.

Is a ticket to Montreal beyond your budget? Fear not - The End has put itself at the cutting edge of clubbing gadgetry by relaying the tour via the Internet and ISDN technology.

You can tour the globe without leaving the comfort of your own home - no entry tax, no fashion police to impress, all you need is Internet facilities. Live Internet broadcasts will be transmitted to The End website (www.the end.co.uk), enabling a ground- breaking interactive experience of sound and pictures.

Presenting a menu of deep funky techno-house, spacey basslines, killer loops and breeze-block breakbeats, The End crew roadtest the sound of their first double compilation album (set for an end of year release).

No tour has come close to using this kind of technology on such a ambitious scale. You're witnessing the shape of things to come.