The Heavenly Jukebox at Turnmills, 63 Clerkenwell Rd, London EC1 (0171-250 3409) Sats 9.30pm-3.30am, pounds 5 before 10pm/pounds 8 after

The Hacienda, 11-13 Whitworth St West, Manchester M1 (0161-236 5051). Thursday 22 May, Manga 10pm-3am, pounds 6 in advance/pounds 8 on door; 23 May, Pleasure 10pm-3am, pounds 4 before 11pm/pounds 5 after; 24 May, Freak 10pm-3am, pounds 8 in advance/pounds 10 after; 25 May,15th Birthday Party 10pm-4am, pounds 15

The Heavenly Jukebox at London's Turnmills has built up quite a reputation over recent months. Don't be fooled by the name; dance music is undoubtedly a broad church, but you'll not hear any religious numbers. What you will get is the best in house music, old-skool tunes and concrete breakbeats. Over the months, Heavenly gigs have boasted such names as Riz & Sizzahandz from Brooklyn, Gaelic funksters, Daft Punk and the legendary Afrika Bambaataa. The night's philosophy is simple: the tunes that move the crowd stay on the Technics.

The Turmills' aesthetic is, by design, essentially cavernous, and it offers plenty of shadowed seats for clubbers trying to escape the searing lights, or attempting a little hope and grope. It also has a cafe which does a roaring trade throughout the night.

James Lavelle will be serving up the beats tonight with ample support from the Psychonauts. The venue is not as big as other London clubs but this works to its advantage. The vibe is friendly and unpretentious, while the cosmopolitan clientele is most definitely out to party.

Up north, The Hacienda is preparing for its 15th birthday. Some might say it's against all odds, having survived financial problems, council opposition, gang warfare, nationwide competition and the nightly drunken excesses of 3,000 revellers. Celebrations get under way on Thursday with Manga, a night of phat hip hop, R'n'B flavas and striking Manga visuals. House music in all its glory is showcased for the next three nights. Pleasure on Friday features Kenny Carpenter and Dub Pistols live on stage while Freak on Saturday has K-Klass, Dave Kendrick and Tom Wainwright. Sunday is the 15th Birthday Party and among those appearing are Shasha, Laurent Garnier, Grahame Park, Alistair Whitehead and Jon DaSilva.


Five copies of the Hacienda's 15th Birthday triple-CD (released 27 May) will go to the first five postcards out of the bag. Send to Hacienda Comp, c/o

Alister Morgan on Clubs, Independent, 1 Canada Square, Canary Wharf,

London E14 5DL by 24 May