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The Big Chill Spring Vibes festival is at Bagley's Studios, Kings Cross Freight Depot, off York Way, London N1 (0181-372 9735) Fri 9 May, 10pm-6am, pounds 10

The worst thing about attending a music festival is getting used to the facilities, or the lack of them. Some people are attracted to roughing it for a few days; I'm not one of them.

Modern clubbing has given me a taste for hi-tech luxuries - doors held open for you, cloakroom attendants and well-designed chill-out areas. Many of the UK's top venues employ restroom attendants to offer you towels and the latest selection of aftershaves - Wolverhampton's Canal Club even offers full makeovers to bedraggled clubbers.

The Big Chill Spring Vibes festival offers pampered townies the chance to experience a festival atmosphere without the need for a sleeping bag.

Starting out as a monthly Sunday chill session at Islington's Union Chapel, The Big Chill was the first club to do a live Internet broadcast. The organisers have built a reputation for playing a wide range of music, and patrons can expect to hear drum 'n' bass, classic house and easy-listening vibes.

Their latest venture is their most ambitious indoor festival to date and will feature a mix of live music, DJs, VJs, walkabout theatre, aerial gymnastics, cafe culture, board games and shiatsu massage.

T Power, Yam Yam and Up Bustle and Out are among the live acts, and a stream of VJs have been booked to ensure live aesthetic innovation. Bagley's Studios has more levels than Sonic the Hedgehog 3. It's the sort of place that takes you 10 minutes to find an exit; and on the way out, you often discover another floor you hadn't noticed before.

EYE ON THE NEW London's Colosseum offers a new Saturday night for discerning clubbers. The highly successful Satellite Club was deemed to have run its course, so the powers-that-be will launch the Music Mill tonight. The line-up has been turning heads for weeks. Craig Dimech, Andy Morris and Seamus are in residence, but DJs from throughout the country will feature at all events. Most clubs bring in one top DJ a night, but the Mill will feature a plethora of top names every week. Al Mackenzie, Gordon Kaye, Graham Gold and John Kelly are at the decks tonight, while Bobbi & Steve, CJ Mackintosh and Frankie Foncett provide a steady stream of Garage tunes. Arrive early.

The Music Mill at the Colosseum,

1 Nine Elms Lane, London SW8 (0171-720 9200) 10pm-5am pounds 8 before 10.30/ pounds 10 before 11.30/ pounds 12 after, every Sat.