EyeBall-arizona. Subterania W11, Sat pounds 10; The Next Big Thing. Hanover Grand W1, Thurs pounds 10; Roger Michael Associates 0171-371 0430
Roger Michael has been promoting club events for over a decade. The Next Big Thing, EyeBall-arizona, Nada and Atomic Model are just a few of his creations.

"I didn't intend to go into promotions," he explains. "I'd broken up with a girlfriend and decided to go out on a endless binge. In the end I'd met a lot of people who went to the same venues as myself."

Now one of London's most successful promoters, his events are renowned for their sense of style and glamour... music is always secondary to atmosphere. "People, not music, make a night successful. As a promoter, it's a matter of taking a chance and trying to give people a concept they want.

"Getting the right mixture of elements is hard. People like to feel important and enjoy standing next to someone with something to say."

Now heading his own company, Roger Michael Associates, his events are at the cutting edge of the London scene. Regular patrons have come to expect a healthy number of celebrities, models and charismatic wannabes. The events have an exclusive feel while maintaining a down-to-earth, community vibe. "It makes me happy when I see people having fun," Roger admits. "That's when you know you've made it."

It's no surprise that his events are characterised by scores of people outside the venue, trying desperately to get in. "Large crowds create energy for the club. It's all part of the experience, though it can be bloody stressful."

There are plans afoot to deliver his personal brand of nocturnal entertainment around the country. As his company moves towards event management, Roger has this advice for budding promoters: "Stay focused. Try to maintain your own direction and identity because success may take a while."