The first rule of clubbing is to get inside the venue. We all know someone turned away by the "style police". But that nervous moment, when you're sized up by the club's frontman, need not be a traumatic experience.

As frontman for many of London's busiest nights (including M.O.S, Glitteratti and The Next Big Thing at the Hanover Grand) Mark Herman's face is as recognisable as any top DJ in clubland. Like all top frontmen, he's renowned for his own sense of style and a no-nonsense approach to the job.

Having worked in the fashion industry, he decided on a change in career three years ago. "I thought that hosting the door of a club would be a way of progressing within the industry," he explains. "I phoned up Ministry out of the blue and said I wanted to front the club. I was laughed at at the time but within six months I had the job."

People will do almost anything to get inside and Mark has the power to choose. "I've got about three or four seconds to decide whether someone is right for the club." says Mark, "I try to be fair; clothes come into it, but it's mostly down to attitude, karma or aura."

Those clubbers confined to the sidelines in the past would do well to listen to his style tips. "Don't go with loads of boys, don't be obviously drunk, and look like you've made an effort," he advises. "It's not about wearing a tie, a suit or some trainers. And a label isn't important, it's the way someone's put their look together."

The job has been a passport to travel around the world but constantly being on call has its disadvantages. "There have been times when I've been ill at home and people have called me at midnight complaining they can't get into a club."

1997 will see the style guru get his foot further in the door as he personally backs new events. The Ministry of Sound will house Herman's new bi- monthly promotion "Future Bitch" in April.