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@ heaven

Heaven is closing down for refurbishment so the capital will be robbed of one of its best venues for a few months. You can catch one of the freshest midweek gigs around this Thursday as Altered States stage their last event before the closure. A mixture of live bands and DJs, serving up deep, trancey techno, have earned this event a loyal following. On the main floor are two the UK's best techno/trance bands, K90 and Cybernaught, with support from Pablo Gargano (Eve Records) on the Technics. The world's most famous ex-drug dealer, Howard Marks aims to get you buzzing with his DJ skills.

Thursday, under the arches off Villiers Street, London WC2 (0181 740 8752) 9pm-3am pounds 7/pounds 5 members.


@ the sanctuary

This new residency is packing them in from across the UK. The formula is simple enough: find the best DJ talents in the UK and bring them to the kitchen. In addition to employing special effects experts from the world of movies pounds 20,000 has been set aside to enhance the club's overall aesthetic. We've seen huge flames around the stage in addition to various performance artists to keep the clientele entertained. The music is good too. Boy Goerge, Danny Rampling, Andy Ward and the excellent Farley Jack Master Funk take turns on the Technics so you'll hear everythig from bangin' house, soulful anthems and uplifting garage.

Fridays, Digbeth High Street, Birmingham (0121-246 1010) pounds 6 NUS/pounds 7 others 9.30pm-4am


@ the square room

It's not often possible to combine the words "cool clubbing" and "Leicester Square" in the same sentence. Great for cinema but very bad for clubs The JazBah is attempting to redress the balance by offering a relaxed and informal atmosphere. There's no dress code here and, with reasonably priced booze on offer, the social vibe is always inviting. The music policy thrives on variety: acid jazz, afro Latin, funk, hip-hop and rare grooves all get their turn on the Technics.

Fridays, next door to Equinox W1 London (0171-738 8527) 10pm 3.30am pounds 3 before 10.30pm/pounds 5 after.


@ ministry of sound

Saturday night as this venue has long been the stuff of legends but Friday night is rapidly providing more surprises for the discerning clubber. The bass-driven house is served up a little harder with a sparse garnish of vocals. Like it or loath it, MoS has a bangin' sound system and it always gets a good work-out on Frisky nights.

Fridays, 103 Gaunt St, SE1 London (0171-378 6528) 10.30pm-6.30am pounds 10/pounds 6 members.