@ royal victoria docks

One of the biggest surprises of New Years Eve '98 was Clockwork Orange. The surprise was that an experienced and innovative promotions team hadn't got it quite right on the club night of the year.

This time, you get the impression that nothing has been left to chance - so make sure you buy tickets early as there won't be any left next week. The venue has a proven track record for excellent one-offs. Five arenas showcase everything from mainstream house to Latin beats and underground garage.

They haven't gone cheapskate on the line-up either - Jeremy Healy, Tall Paul and Lisa Loud headline in the main arena, while Brandon Block, Alex P, Jon Pleased Wimmin' and Tony De Vit run the Technics in arena 2.

Bobby and Steve, Booker T (Dreem Team) and Norris Da Boss Windross tour garage from original US anthems to speed garage, the media darling of London club beats.

If 12 hours of this isn't enough to make you part with a score, then the trip to east London gives you the chance to gaze at 20 tons of metal that will allegedly become the millennium dome... now, what a great rave venue that would be.

Sat 28 March, KR Warehouse Complex, Royal Victoria Docks E16 (0171-344 4444) 8pm-8am, pounds 20

Moving swiftly from cutting-edge clubbing to cheesy disco, a new night of nostalgia has taken root at the Forum. Don't let the name fool you - Boogie Nights will not be a celebration of 1970s porn industry and there won't be any 12 ins prosthetic members on show.

Flares, hang-glider collars and a lack of sensible shoes will all be on show, in addition to disco classics. Clubbers in the 1990s can be pretentious about where they go and what they dance to, but if you remember that it's all about having fun then you'll like this gig.

Entry is free (before 11pm) to patrons in full disco gear, so it's best to throw yourself into it. It's naff, but everyone always seems to be smiling when they leave.

Fridays, 9-17 Highgate Road, Kentish Town, NW5 (0171-344 0044) 9pm-2am, pounds 5/pounds 3 with flyer.

Their recent second birthday celebrations were hectic in the extreme, but I suppose that's the price of success. If you didn't manage to get in then try again - this remains one of the top Saturday night gigs in London.

The venue is not the biggest or best-dressed in the capital, but few clubs are designed as well. The electronic beats are heavy on the bass and the dancefloor is always rammed with energetic clubbers who party like seasoned Hedonists. Excellent munchies, too.

Tonight, 63 Clerkenwell Street (0171-336 8470) 9.30pm-3.30am pounds 5 before 10pm/pounds 8 after


The latest release of Ministry of Sound's record-breaking Dance Nation series is upon us. Mixed by Pete Tong and Boy George, Dance Nation V looks set to top the dance charts this spring.

We have 10 copies of the CD to give away while three people will win MoS duffel bags. Our grand winner will win a Reversible Racing Cagoule with detatchable 12 ins record bag on front.

Send postcards, with telephone numbers, to: Dance Nation Comp, Alister Morgan on clubs, The Independent, 1 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5DL by 21 March