@ heaven They've finally come out of the closet. For too many weekends something has been a festering beneath the surface. The promoters didn't quite know what to do but in the end were forced to admit the shocking truth - Kapow!!, London's freshest gay gig, has been infiltrated by heterosexuals. This uplifting event has had a reputation for no-nonsense clubbing since its inception, and the "straights" out there in clubland clearly want in on the action. Now officially open to a "mixed" clientele, Kapow!! champions euro-beat and high-energy techno. Colourful garbs and personalities welcome.

Sats, The SoundShaft, Hungerford Lane, (off Craven Rd) London WC2 (0171- 326 0737),10.30pm-4am pounds 8/pounds 6 members/pounds 4 NUS before midn't


@ ministry of sound Saturday night at this venue has long been the stuff of legend, but Friday night is rapidly providing more surprises for the discerning clubber. The house is served a little harder with a sparse garnish of vocals. Like it or loath it, MoS has a bangin' sound system and it always gets a good workout at Frisky. As ever, MoS procures a smart and cosmopolitan crowd who aren't afraid to work hard on the dancefloor. The beatz, championed by resident DJ Heaven and guests, is funky, bass-driven house - try it, you might like it.

Fridays, 103 Gaunt Street, London SE1 (0171-378 6528) 10pm-4am pounds 8/pounds 10


@ leopard lounge This gig has taken a long while

to settle into its new surroundings since its acrimonious move from Mayfair's Iceni. Things

seem to be chill now. The new venue is quite strange - one of those places that has great potential but doesn't quite pitch at the right level. The clientele reflects this, and you'll see a mixture of hard-core clubbers

and a few Sloanes who stumble in after the pubs shut. The

old Atomic Model used to be

the place to be on Friday night; you could do a lot worse than giving this a go. The sound

here is decent and the music policy not too taxing - handbag house and uplifting anthems.

Fridays, the Broadway, Fulham Road, London SW6 (0171-378 6528) 9.30pm- 3am pounds 12 WHIRL-Y-GIG

@ the forum This event marks a new

association in clubland and is

set to run every month. Judging by the line-up, the promoters are set to offer Londoners something a little different. For tomorrow's gig, the Whirl-Y-Gig collective

will be joined by the Afro-Celt sound system. This is a live set that includes guitars, pipes,

Celtic harps, flutes and mandolins all brought together in

an exploration of African and Celtic music. It could be innovation on a grand scale.

Tomorrow, 9-17 Highgate Rd, Kentish Town NW5 (0171-284 1001) pounds 10/pounds 8 concs