An east London college is to go into partnership with educa-tion authorities in Moscow to help thousands of Russian children to receive their daily bread, writes Helen Nowicka.

Newham College of Further Education last week won around pounds 20,000 from the British Council to work with the borough's twinned region in the Russian capital, formerly known as the Oktober district. The area cannot produce enough bread and milk for schoolchildren, and available supplies are not being distrib-uted efficiently.

Lecturers will draw up a business plan advising what needs to be done, and locate interested British firms who would either provide funds or set up plants in Moscow.

Mike Robbins, the college's business management faculty director, said the profit potential should attract British companies. He is hoping initially to target east London bakeries.

'It's a huge market. The Russians already have a similar scheme producing orange juice with an American firm. Their initial outlay was paid back within a year, he said.