If comedy hype is "iffy" sparkling wine, then quaff gingerly from the cheap cider fermented by the Edinburgh Festival. Or so Johnny Vegas, the pot-throwing showman with a penchant for tortuous analogies, might put it.

Not even failure to win the Perrier Award took the fizz out of Vegas's triumph in Edinburgh, but nothing can bring on a career hangover faster than a Festival rep gone flat. Judging by their not entirely convincing Radio 4 show, even this year's winners, The League of Gentlemen, are finding the transition to mainstream success a tricky one.

In his favour, Vegas hit 1997 running with a fully-formed act. His washed- up showbiz has-been was by no means a new concept but, while the dreadful 1970s suit was familiar, his skewed aphorisms and frequent, bizarre resort to a potter's wheel got the laughs. Vegas's abuse of the audience was second only to his savaging of the Queen's English as he raged against the dark heart of light entertainment: "Comedy is like marrying your cousin," he roared, drenched in lager. "Do you listen to your critics or your heart?"

The Perrier Pick of the Fringe showcase brought Vegas to a wider audience, but it remains to be seen whether Pennington will develop his compellingly seedy creation, or simply take pot luck.

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