Comedy: John of all trades

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John Moloney has more strings to his bow than the London Symphony Orchestra. For a start, he speaks several languages; he knows 12 different German words for "horse", for instance. Sadly, there is not much call for that knowledge as a stand-up in this country.

"The only time I use the languages on stage is as a way of disguising what are basically tawdry knob gags," he admits. "I have a doctorate in German medieval philosophy and the only use I've made of it in my act is to say `I'm hung like a Hoover' in German. If my professors knew, they'd be turning in their ivory towers. Thousands of pounds of taxpayers' money, and what came out of it? A beer gut and the ability to say `I'm hung like a Hoover' in German. It's a sad indictment of our education system."

The other skill that distinguishes Moloney (right) from other stand-ups is his musicianship. "I play seven musical instruments. When I started out on the stand-up circuit, I was called `The Angry Young Accordionist'. I used to be World Accordion Champion in Irish traditional music."

"I've got this Irish traditional music band called Liverdance, and we play once a week. It takes the pressure off. It's a complete about-face from comedy - it's my version of a long walk in the country or playing snooker with port and cigars."

This same down-to-earth approach characterises Moloney's stand-up. "People trust me because I'm an ordinary-looking bloke. There's a feelgood factor because I'm like everybody else - I'm not threatening. There's nothing glitzy about me, and I'm not trying to oversell myself."

He also makes an effort to establish a rapport from the moment he walks on. "A comedian is judged within the first few seconds, so you have to be self-deprecating. I come on and say, `Good evening, I'm John Moloney. I'm a fat bloke who looks like Victoria Wood', or `I haven't got a lot of material, but when you're a bit of a looker, it doesn't really matter'. It makes me more accessible.

"I'm not one of those people who thinks, `If I hadn't been a comedian, I'd have been a rock star (even though I can't sing or play guitar)'. I'm at the more honest end of the spectrum, and people warm to that fallibility. It doesn't alienate people. I don't have a hidden agenda to shock people or change their minds or have a hit single with a football theme... "

John Moloney appears at the Comedy Store, Oxendon Street, SW1 (0171- 344 4444) tonight


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