From chairs to crocs ...every Monday, a quirky look at the week ahead
Power chairs

Couch potatoes of the world, rejoice! This week sees the launch of a revolutionary new power chair that allows you to zoom around the office all day without having to even stretch a leg. Disguised as any old office chair, this masterpiece of an invention has a motor attached to its base and a joy stick for steering on the arm-rest. As well as being a helpful tool for the disabled and the lazy, the concept introduces a host of other useful possibilities ranging from bumper chairs to blind-folded staff relay races. And, at a mere pounds 2,695 a chair, it shouldn't take much to convince the powers that be to invest in one for all.

Life on TV

Darwin might not have thought much of the slob who never gets out of a chair. But if you're sitting comfortably, switch on for an entire weekend devoted to Darwin's theory of the survival of the fittest. The BBC's "Evolution Weekend" will feature programmes such as the Fossil Roadshow by Peter Snow and an edited version of Life on Earth. And to reinforce the gravitas of the issue, the Beeb has invited celebrities from the arts, science, sport and entertainment to talk about the one animal that has inspired them. The swimmer Sharron Davies will be revealing her love affair with the dolphin, while comedian Norman Pace confesses his deep affinity with the crocodile.

Rural fair

If your liking's for more English forms of wildlife, join the Barbour and welly at Country Living's spring fair, running from Wednesday to Sunday where a host of craftsmen, cooks, decorators and gardeners, will be creating a working village for five days. The occasion is apparently designed to depict a walk through a Spring country garden and The Archers will even be staging two live performances. Organisers claim the fair "will provide a host of inspirational ideas for creating glorious gardens, designing imaginative interiors and finding rural retreats and holidays." - which must explain why they chose the Business and Design Centre in Islington, north London to host the event.

Spring time

Far more lofty and intellectually edifying is an inspired new line up of daytime viewing due to kick off this week. The controversial American chat show host Jerry Springer is scheduled to begin a run of lunchtime shows on British TV. The former mayor of Cincinnati has ruffled the feathers of critics in America with his choice of risque topics for the "real people" based shows. However, ITV, who will be broadcasting the new programmes, promises that titles like "I Cut Off My Manhood" and "My wife Is Really A Guy." will be reserved for a late night slot and that the lunchtime programmes will be all in the best possible taste.