It's quite good now. She looks like she's been punched and has a bloody nose.

An art student on Myra, after the painting was attacked at the Royal Academy, Independent

I think it's brilliant ... I'm thrilled to bits it's happened and I'm hoping they will have to take it down.

Winnie Johnson, mother of a Moors victim, Times

Oh, writing is very hard. I am at my best on a busy film set. Being stuck in front of a sheet of white paper is a terrifying prospect.

Robbie Coltrane, Telegraph

There is no way that an out-and-out pessimist would make the films that I make. They are made in a spirit of love.

Mike Leigh, whose new film, Career Girls, has just been released, Telegraph

Absolutely no idea. Lear is regarded as the pinnacle, the last thing an actor does before he dies. It ain't going to be the last thing I do.

Ian Holm, asked what he will do next, Guardian

I feel enormously close to God.

John Tavener, on writing music, Independent

moments when you must do something about it. Otherwise next time we will have even worse.- Jaques Role, a 48 year old artist arrested for throwing eggs at the portrait. - The Guardian.