chris evans's contribution: readers' response cannot be exaggerated
"His contribution cannot be underestimated," said Radio 1's Controller Matthew Bannister of Chris Evans, just possibly intending to say that he had contributed a lot, but succeeding in saying that he had contributed nothing. Evans must have felt like the man who found a note pinned to his door saying : "I called but you were in."

On Tuesday we asked readers for ambiguous or Freudian comments; your speed of response has been staggering. Each entry was better than the next. Is there no beginning to your talents? We just can't wait for your entries to stop. Won't anybody put you out of our misery?

There were insults from young and old, but clearly they hadn't learnt from experience. Joking apart, you will always have an empty space in our hearts. Nothing is too good for you.

Constructed out of offerings from: J R. Adams, P. Metcalfe, C and S Whittington, P Burns, J Ryland, R Gardiner and N Grewal who gets the champagnen