In which painting by which painter can you find this floor?

The struggling silhouette in Details 354 came from Honore Daumier's Bathers (1846-48) - a nice contrast to the serene torpor of Seurat's treatment of the theme, and the picture is currently on show in the National Gallery's Seurat exhibition. Normally it's in the Burrell Collection, Glasgow.

The first three correct answers came from Paul Usherwood of Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE4; Jeremy Mitchell of Woking, Surrey, and Anne Seaton of Edinburgh, EH3. Each will, in due course, receive a bottle of champagne, as will the winners of this week's competition. Answers, on a postcard (to arrive by Wed 15 Oct), to: DETAILS 356, IoS, 1 Canada Sq, London E14 5DL.