CONSOLE REVIEW; Adidas Power Soccer 2 (Psygnosis) PlayStation

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PlayStation-owning footie freaks have never had it so good. With more than 10 different football games available for the PSX, they were already spoilt for choice - now, with the arrival of Adidas Power Soccer 2, they've even more to choose from.

The original title offered end-to-end arcade-style action and some of the most horrific tackles ever seen on a computer game. APS2 provides more of the same, with improved graphics, slicker gameplay and two-footed challenges Vinny Jones would be ashamed of. It also features many real Premier League teams, in addition to 56 national teams and top club sides from France, Germany and Italy.

The control in APS2 isn't as precise as in Fifa '98, but that's part of its appeal. Realistic football games won't let you kick an opposition player to pieces while he lies prostrate on the ground, or score with a power-shot from inside your own half. The other advantage it has over the more serious simulators is that it's easier to get to grips with. You can put together neat passing moves without any real effort and 30- yard bicycle kicks are a piece of cake.

However, for all its good points, there are aspects of the game which aren't quite up to scratch: the graphics could be sharper, the commentary bears little relation to what's happening on the pitch and, at times, the movement of the players feels sluggish.

The game remains very playable, but its appeal is ultimately limited.

On release, pounds 44.99