Formula 1 '97 (psygnosis) playstation

For a software developer, the rights to an officially licensed sports sim can become a licence to print money. Every year after the game's release, they can update a few statistics, add a couple of new faces, stick the year on the end of the title and, as if by magic, they've got a new bestseller on their hands. So it comes as no surprise to find that Psygnosis are releasing a follow-up to Formula 1, the number-one selling Playstation game of all time. However, to their credit, Psygnosis have resisted the temptation to rest on their laurels and Formula 1 '97 is a big improvement on the original.

Obviously, the game features all the tracks used this season and the revised driver line-up. In addition, the graphics have been greatly enhanced and the sound beefed up. Although, sadly, the beef in this case is some "expert" analysis from Martin Brundle. Yet the greatest improvements have been made to the gameplay. Not only have the bugs which plagued the original version been eliminated but the driving has been made far more realistic. As if that wasn't enough, Psygnosis have also incorporated a split-screen option which allows two players to race against one another on the same Playstation.

Formula 1 '97 is one of the best racing games around, but if you already own the original, it's a lot of money to pay for a game which, despite all the improvements, is fundamentally the same.

Released: now, pounds 45