A revelation when it was first released, Micro Machines V3 is now getting a bit long in the tooth. However, by a stroke of genius, Sony has decided to re-release what has been described as the greatest multi-player game for the PlayStation as a Platinum title and have given it a price tag of pounds 19.99. So buckle up, and brace yourself for some miniature mayhem.

Based on the miniature toys which are all the rage among the kiddies, Micro Machines lets you race a range of tiny vehicles in a variety of bizarre locations. Speed boats, hovercraft, and monster trucks are just a few of the 32 machines on offer, and there are 48 tracks on which to race them - all presented in glorious 3D.

Technically, Micro Machines may lag behind some of the more modern racers, but it remains as playable as ever. The gameplay is faster than many of its better-looking, better-sounding competitors and it has a level of depth unrivalled in the genre. Where else can you race a hot rod around a toilet seat or take a super-car for a spin across a snooker table? But, as good a one-player game as it may be, it is its multi-player mode which makes Micro Machines really stand out. The shared-controller option enables two players to use the same control pad simultaneously, allowing up to eight players to compete at any one time, providing you have a multi- tap adaptor. This makes for a truly manic competition.

It may be getting on a bit, but Micro Machines represents excellent value for money.

On release, pounds 19.99