CONSOLE REVIEW: Premier Manager '98 (Gremlin) PlayStation

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If, like most armchair critics, you believe that you could do a better job than the gaffer at United, why not give it a try? Premier Manager '98 is here to put all Glenn Hoddle wannabes to the test.

The PlayStation version is not quite the same as the older PC edition. For starters, there is only one European Competition. It resembles the Champions League, although to gain entry you must either finish in the top two, or win one of the other two domestic trophies - the FA Cup or the League Cup.

The good news is, that by saving space on the CD, the manufacturer, Gremlin, has been able to include the most fluid, and by far the best commentary to date. Also, because the PlayStation is a 32-bit games console, the graphics are of a very high standard. If you choose to watch your team play, you are graced with the same graphics engine as that of Actua Soccer II.

There are two ways to play the game. Career mode allows you to take charge of a Third Division club. Your job is then to lead your team to the Premiership. The Manager option is much easier as you are allowed to take control of any English club you choose. Unfortunately, a drawback is that the game only supports up to four user-controlled teams.

Although it does not match up to the PC version, Premier Manager '98 is a triumph for the PlayStation - and is extremely addictive. When the full-time whistle blows, will your team be doing the lap of honour?

On release, pounds 44.99