It began as a highly successful comic book. Then it became a much less successful film. Now it is trying to break into computer games. Spawn: The Eternal is the latest attempt to bring comic-book characters to our games consoles.

In Spawn, Sony has attempted to combine Resident Evil-style action with Street Fighter-style fighting. Initially, you have to work your way around an American subway. There are no real dangers along these meandering paths - the only tasks you face are pressing "jump" to clear anything tall, or otherwise destroying any obstacles in your way. However, once you reach a clearing, you are forced to fight one of many characters from the comic adventures. Sadly, though, this still doesn't heat up the action. All you have to do is kick or punch your opponent repeatedly until he falls down. If, however, you can be bothered to defeat them all, Spawn's arch nemesis, Malebolgia, awaits you.

To add insult to injury, the graphics are poor; they are best when you are running around the empty halls, but even then they are blocky and slow. The fighting is in a 2-D style, though even the original Street Fighter on the SNES could match up to this.

The comic book may have been great, but the game certainly isn't. Spawn: the Eternal is lacking in almost every department. So far only Earth Worm Jim, back in the Megadrive days, has managed a successful jump into computer games, and he looks set to reign supreme for a while.

On release, pounds 34.99