(GT Interactive) PC CD-Rom

When Doom was released, all those years ago, it marked a new era in computer games: the 3D environment. Doom II came next, followed by Duke Nukem and Quake. Each of these was the master of its time. But now those days are numbered. Unreal, GT Interactive's new masterpiece, has arrived at last, and it looks likely to fulfil all the hype.

The game is based on the same first-person style as Doom and Quake, but for once, you are given a target to aim for.

As well as the usual single-player and multi-player modes, you can also choose "computer mode", where you battle to the death with robots controlled by the computer.

In single-player mode, you have a choice of characters. You start off inside a space jail, stranded on a supposedly deserted moon. There's just one problem - it's not deserted. Once you've escaped through the maze-like tunnels, you are confronted by some of the ugliest monsters ever. The graphics are just as good, if not better than, Quake II, and the screams and growls coming out of your speakers will have the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end.

Even on a low-powered computer, you'll still get the full benefit of a simply superb gaming environment. Unreal has taken five years to produce, but it has been worth the wait. If you hesitate for one moment, you'll be blown limb from limb. Miss it, and you'll definitely miss out.

On release, pounds 39.99


Men in Black

(Gremlin Interactive) PlayStation

They say nothing succeeds like success, and Men in Black is no exception. From the comic book to the film, each incarnation has garnered acclaim. Now, as MiB take the plunge into the computer world, it seems as though they are set for another smash hit.

The game is another of the Resident Evil lookalikes, although this is easily the best of them. Beginning as everyone's Hollywood hero, Will Smith, you have to investigate a suspicious call at an apartment building. As you approach the scene, you are confronted by an alien being. He flees down the fire escape, and you follow. What you didn't spot was the bomb in the other room, and you are blown up. Time to try again. When your foe is finally defeated, you become one of the Men in Black.

Walking round the MiB HQ, you can choose between going on various missions (beginning at the Arctic and ending up on a far-off planet for a showdown with the main boss), or fine-tuning your skills in the shooting range.

The characters are a very good match for Tommy Lee and co, and there are enough guns and monsters to last you a lifetime. The game's only downfall is its slow response time when you press the buttons.

Choose from three characters, take a really big gun, and go out there to defend yourself against the worst scum of the universe. Men in Black is out of this world.

On release, pounds 29.99