After months apparently spent deep in slumber, Nintendo has finally woken up to the fact that its 64-bit machine is desperately short of titles. NBA HangTime is the first of a stream of releases scheduled for the coming months.

The game borrows its format from the legendary NBA Jam, with the player controlling one of 29 NBA teams in a two-on-two battle against the computer. There are all the spectacular moves of the original coin-op and SNES versions, including 360-degree jams and flaming turbo balls. If you don't fancy taking on the computer, the multi-player option will allow you to dunk up to four of your friends into submission.

HangTime's fast and furious action makes it easy to get into and exciting to play, particularly in multi-player mode. That said, Midway's failure to make use of the N64's outstanding graphic capabilities makes the game look like a title intended for the N64's little brother, the SNES. The sound, a standard combination of commentary and crowd noises, is also something of a disappointment.

NBA HangTime is hardly revolutionary, but it is easy to get to grips with and very playable. If you are looking for a sports sim that's enjoyable but not too taxing, you could do worse than to plump for this.

Released: 26 September, pounds 45