Interstate '76 Nitro Riders

(Activision) CD-rom

Take a trip back to 1970s USA. Take several angry vigilantes, lots of bad guys, add cars and weapons, stir and leave to settle. Welcome to Activision's .

To put it into context, Nitro Riders is somewhere between Rock'n'Roll Racing 2 and Twisted Metal. You take on the role of one of three characters: Taurus (a vigilante with a huge afro), Jade (a very scary, but pretty, woman), or Skeeter (a mechanic with the brains of a very small peanut). You can choose to play the Scenarios mode, where your character has to complete the tasks they are set (anything from protecting a village to racing against a clown round a mountain) or there is the multiplayer mode, where you can play via a modem against your friends.

The next task is to choose your car, and believe me, it is a task. You have the choice of more than 30 vehicles, which range from a Volvo to something as obscure as a limo, a hearse, or even a clown car. You also have a variety of weapons to put on your car; what about a 4get-U-Not Missile, or a Fire-Rite Turret?

Technically, the game is very nice, but nothing out of the ordinary. The graphics are quite pretty, although once again the 3D accelerator card is a necessity if you want to see them in all their glory. The sound is reasonably true to life, and the music is very cool, coming straight from the Seventies discos. However, probably the most impressive aspect of this game is the intro, but I won't spoil the surprise.

On release, pounds 20