Perfect Assassin (grolier interactive) cd-rom

Based on drawings by the comic-book artist Kev Walker, Perfect Assassin is a point-and-click science fiction role-playing game in which you control the universe's most deadly assassin, the allusively named Charon. Charon has been summoned by a savage alien race to help them defeat their enemies and it is the player's job to see that they succeed.

As with any RPG, your task must be accomplished by visiting a number of different locations at which you search for clues, question other characters and solve puzzles. Sadly, the environment you are given to explore is so limited that you never feel truly involved in the action. The scenery is very sparse and static, leaving the game largely devoid of atmosphere. This problem isn't helped by the game's disappointing visuals. Everything takes place in a window which fills only half the screen and, as a result, the characters are small and unimpressive. To make matters worse, the user interface is rather fiddly to use. The icons are extremely small and don't bear much relation to the tasks which they perform, which makes having conversations with the other characters a tortuous process. Even the sound is sub-standard.

Perfect Assassin is a nice idea which didn't come off. The game provides little enjoyment, even in the short term, and its lack of depth gives the player no real incentive to persevere in their quest.

Released: now, pounds 39.99