As part of international Buy Nothing Day, a new social media campaign is spoofing consumerism and encouraging people to buy the new product "Nothing TM."

The campaign is orchestrated by not-for-profit organization Do The Green Thing. The international environmental organization claims to have members in 207 countries and runs a number of campaigns encouraging people make small but environmentally beneficial changes to their lives and the lives of others.

Part of the organization's philosophy is that consumers should buy less and re-use what they already have, summed up as "stick with what you have got" by a spokesperson for the organization.

Following on from last year's spoof campaign, this year Do The Green Thing is encouraging consumers to buy its new product - "New Nothing TM," advertised as "new and improved nothing." Consumers can log on to "" and purchase New Nothing TM for a price of €0.00. Following the transaction, shoppers will receive a receipt certifying that they have bought "nothing."

This campaign is part of the wider anti-consumerist celebrations which occur on Buy Nothing Day (BND). This international day of protest typically occurs after so called '"Black Friday" in the US, the day after Thanksgiving that unofficially marks the start of the holiday season. This year's international Buy Nothing Day occurs on Saturday, November 27.

Several Facebook groups and events have also been set up to mark the international day of protest against consumerism including Buy Nothing Day, which as of November 23 has 25,726 members. The event can also be followed on twitter at!/buynothingday.

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