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Amazon tokens Due to a production error the Amazon promotion did not appear in last week's paper. Please accept our apologies.

If you still wish to take advantage of this offer, collect four tokens and include the Independent on Sunday name (and date) from the front page of the 21 November issue as your fifth token. Enquiries: 0171 510 6398.

Yellow card Peter Willis, president of the Referees' Association, has asked us to make it clear that he did not make the remark attributed to a spokesman for the RA in the article "Sacked Asian referee fights FA racism" (21 November). The comment was made by an employee of the organisation, which did not make any official statement.

Votes for women Last week New Zealand was described as "the first country to introduce female franchise, in 1893" ("Women fight it out in NZ poll", 21 November). Women in the Isle of Man have been entitled to the vote since 1880.

Wrong paste The Burmese salty paste of dried fermented fish is called balachaung, not ngapi, which is the oily gravy in which Burmese curries are served (192-part guide to the world, Travel, 21 November).

Light bulbs In the Inside supplement it was stated that Edison invented the light bulb ("Past masters", 21 November). In fact, Sir Joseph Wilson Swan developed a primitive light bulb in 1860, 20 years before Edison's.